Monday, May 18, 2009

Safety is key when planning multiple cosmetic procedures

Planning cosmetic procedures on many parts of the body at the same time is often done:

  • To reduce the number of anesthetics given for each procedure
  • To lower the overall cost for O.R. time and Anesthesia fees
  • To have a single recovery period and less overall down-time

However, SAFETY is key in planning ALL combined cosmetic procedures!

Some procedures are complimentary - i.e. breasts and body (tummy), breasts and liposuction on on front of the body, face and neck together, tummy and thigh contouring.

I advise my patients to choose two major body parts to address at one time and to limit it to that at any one time.

Time under anesthesia is another consideration. There is no 'magic number', but the longer the procedure, the greater the overall risk.

Also, selecting procedures on one side of the body only (all on the front or all on the backside) is another simple way to limit the amount of work done at any one time.

Lengthy procedures on more than two body areas at one time increases the time under anesthesia, increases the risk complications (blood clots in the legs or lungs), fluid overload or dehydration, postoperative pain and immobility, and many others.

Lastly, consider the recovery! Ouch!

It is advisable to have some body areas functional and pain-free so that you can get around and peform your activities of daily living safely.