Monday, May 18, 2009

Tummy tuck recovery with young children at home

Following any surgical procedure, you need to expect some major downtime.

After a tummy tuck, I generally recommend avoiding lifting more than 5 pounds for 4-6 weeks and to avoid twisting and bending motions during that time.

You will likely wear an abdominal 'binder' (light compression garment) that supports the front of your abdomen and your back and helps to protect the work done during surgery.

With young children at home, you will need some HELP!

Hopefully, a family member or caregiver can assist with activities of daily living for both you and your children after surgery for a period of around 6 weeks.

If you are considering surgery but don't have the resources or supports necessary to undertake a tummy tuck or other "mommy makeover" surgery, then WAIT until it is safe for you and your loved ones to proceed.