Sunday, October 18, 2009

Karen M. Horton, MD answers: Sacramento Tummy Tuck doctor recommendations


I live in Oregon but I am spending 3 months with a friend in Sacramento. I have been searching the internet for a quality doctor in Sacramento, CA to perform a tummy tuck. This will be the biggest surgery of my life and I want quality work. Any success stories out there?


Karen M. Horton, MD
2 seconds ago

A tummy tuck is a wonderful procedure and one of my very favorite operations to do!

For women who have completed childbearing, an abdominoplasty makes up the abdominal portion of a "mommy makeover".

For anyone considering surgery, my advice is always this:

Do your research and homework before deciding on a Plastic Surgeon!

The internet is often a good start, but word of mouth and referrals from other doctors is also a good source of information. Think about how you found your dentist, a realtor, your childcare giver, a plumber... You will be trusting your body to this person! Do your 'due diligence'.

Following your online research, visit a number of surgeons in person - bring a list of questions with you, and bring a friend to act as another listener and objective observer. Ask to see before and after photos - both of the best results, but average results. Ask to speak to former patients about their experience with the doctor.

There should be a "good fit" between you and the physician - in terms of personality, aesthetic goals for the procedure, office staff atmosphere, etc.

Often, making the trip outside your immediate area is worth it. If you don't find someone directly in your town, consider going to a larger cosmopolitan area for treatment. You will probably stay overnight in the hospital or surgery center after a tummy tuck, and you are usually seen 3-5 days after surgery in the surgeon's office for your first follow up visit.

I see many out of state patients for surgery. I recommend my out-of-town patients stay in the near vicinity (within a 3 hour drive) for at least 2 weeks before traveling home.

Best of luck to you!

Karen M. Horton, M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.C.